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Livetechcare provides support to provide wireless computer networking to your computer. We provide 24/7 help service to the customers so as to increase time flexibility.

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Wireless Computer Networking

Wireless network connection is the computer network where there is no use of wires; it is a wireless computer network. There is a remote information transmission in wireless computer networking the information is transmitted through electromagnetic waves like Radio waves. It is a convenient way of accessing the network connection, there is no use of wires and is less messy.

In order to install the Wireless network connection you need to follow some tips.

  • To install the wireless network connection you are supposed to buy the right wireless router and buy the wireless network adapter since it will connect the computer to the router nowadays computers comes with inbuilt adapters so you don't need to buy it separately in case you are required to buy it then it is recommended to go for a USB one, buy a PC card based adapter for laptops. Each computer should have one adapter
  • You are supposed to initially locate the DSL modem then you can switch it off then connect the wireless router to the modem. In case your computer is directly connected to the modem then you are required to unplug the network cable of the computer and then plug it into the port labeled with WAN or WLAN in the router.
  • Connect your computer to any of the network ports of the wireless router with the help of the network cable that you get along the wireless router. Then turn on your computer, it will be automatically connected to the router. Open the Internet Explorer and type there the address of the router. You will be asked for a password and they should vary depending on the type of the router.
  • If you get a response like there is no built in wireless network support in your computer in that case you are required to plug in the network adapter to the USB port and then the antenna has to be placed on the top of the PC, but if you have got laptop then in that case the network adapter should be inserted to a PC card slot. By this the operating system can detect the adapter automatically then you have to insert the CD that you get with the adapter. AT last you need to follow the instructions so that you can configure the wireless network.

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Livetechcare provides support to provide wireless computer networking to your computer. Troubleshoots the problem related to wireless computer networking. You will get the best tech support for wireless computer network.

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