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Live Tech Care is an independent service provider of Remote PC support services. We offer you Online Technical Support for every type of technical query and related problems.

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Everyone in the present era is conscious about the technology; technology is giving a competitive edge to the various manufacturers. It has improved the standard of living. Everyone is aware of the computers, laptops, notebooks and about the various devices like Hardware, Software, antivirus programs etc. Since a customer is very much aware of the technology so the technology provider should be the best. A customer should be satisfied with technology and customer can come up with any question in his mind related to the service he is availing. So the service provider should be able to satisfy the customer up to the level.

There are various technical terms that seem to be difficult but they are very simple once you come to know about them. There are various terms commands tasks etc. which when understood are very simple tools. Once you come to know about the technical terms you find it very interesting and informative.

Livetechcare is the master in solving all the technical queries we give full information to our customers about our technology. Livetechcare solves all the technical queries of their customers and makes them to understand what problem their computer is facing and how we resolve it. Livetechcare solves all the technical queries of our customer. We solve all the issues in an effective and efficient manner. We make our customers to know what we are and what our services are.

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  • 24/7 round the year tech support.
  • Remote PC support to solve your problems online.
  • Provide instant technical support as far as email related issues are concerned.
  • Easy and direct access to our technical experts.

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