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We provide you the best resolution to any issue related to your wireless networking; we provide the services at nominal rates. Livetechcare provides a complete solution for the issues in your PC wireless network. We provide 24/7 help service to the customers so as to increase time flexibility.

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New Technologies in Wireless Network

The new technologies can improve the performance and the productivity of the wireless network connection and also plays an important role in improving the communication. Wireless network enables people to shrink the world and make it a small place in terms of communication and information. Wherever you go you will be connected to the outer world, There is a remote information transmission system that makes wireless network to function. There are some wireless network technologies.

WPA stands for Wireless personal area network is based on Bluetooth technology, this technology is used in many devices. Through this file transferring and networking becomes fast and easy. This wireless network can be integrated in many devices from headphones, keyboards, mobile phones and laptops for less cluttered connection and more direct file and communication transfers. Wireless network LAN is used on a large scale, everyone goes for it, you will find that LAN is used everywhere like cafes, homes, schools etc.You can connect two or more wireless networks like the WLAN, there is another wireless network known as WMAN, it is a metropolitan network that can connect two buildings wirelessly. Such kind of Wide Area Network is used in Malls, or can connect the various branch offices of an organization for a remote interconnection. Such kind of wireless network has got an ability to transfer data between the devices.

GSM technology that is used in mobile phones is one of the technologies of wireless network. 3G, 4G technology mobile phones is also a wireless network technology. Wireless networking enables you to connect anywhere irrespective of the space.

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