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Live Tech Care is an independent service provider of Remote PC support services. We offer you Online Technical Support for every type of computer security and related problems.

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Computer Security

Security is considered to be the important factor as far system performance, privacy and various technical aspects of PC, computers and laptops are concerned. Whether you are running individual, small, medium and large scale businesses, you need to have the best security to maintain a high level privacy. Various frauds, scams and viruses are the main threat as far breaching the security levels of computers are concerned. And once they breaches the security level, they create numerous problems to the PC, laptops and computers like data loss, slowness of computer, problems in internet browsing etc. So it is mandatory for us to take proper care as far as security levels of computers are concerned. So you need technical support and software support to overcome this.

Internet has taken a global standard, so it connects people from all parts of the globe. This makes the internet and network security very difficult to manage and much prone to internet threats. But with the use of various tools, software and precautions, these internet security will be manageable. The easiest way to overcome these types of security threats is to use powerfull antivirus software and have your firewall on every time you connect your computer to the internet. Time to time antivirus update is also necessary to have a proper check over these security threats. Some of the major computer security issues are email security, encryption security, firewall security and many more.

Another important security issue is what we call as wireless security as it can be very easily breached. And sometimes it becomes very difficult to handle it, if you don't have knowledge about it. It is very easy for the hackers to hack the password and to miss use your wireless network. In that case registering the Mac addresses to your router and server is very necessary to avoid security threats.

We will provide you best support round the clock in each and every aspects of computer related problem as we are an independent tech support service provider for software, hardware, email, antivirus and its peripherals.

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I would like to thank you for dealing with my laptop. Grateful thanks to Nitin for his patience in clearing all the junk and so much quicker now All seems to be going well.

Anne Smith.

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