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Livetechcare also provide tech support for Network Monitoring. We provide 24/7 help service to the customers so as to increase time flexibility.

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Network Monitoring

Network monitoring is intelligence work for a good cause. Actually, network monitoring is something that you want at least for one of your systems to be doing. While your other systems are performing their very important functions, you need to set aside at least one computer or set of computers to monitor its network activity. Livetechcare suggest you to think of your network monitoring as policing your network traffic.

Network monitoring must be done by a system that is always on. Your network monitoring system should have committed power lines or, at the very least, backup generators attached to it. The network monitoring system is the most critical part of your network, because it is the one that sounds the alarm if something is wrong.

How Network Monitoring works?

Network monitoring takes memo of slow or failing systems and then notifies the network administrator of such occurrences. Such notifications can take the form of email, plain old phone calls, or pager alerts. No matter what form they take, network problem messages should take the highest priority for your security reasons.

Network monitoring is generally done by sending a "ping," or test command, to each computer or system on the network. If the system does not respond or takes too long time to respond, the network monitoring system do its job by notifying the network administrator about the problem.

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