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Network Security Services

The Network Security Services is used by technical persons and programmers. Some people bump into NSS in their daily usage of computer and also they don't have any little idea about the same. But NSS is actually important in daily computing whether offline or online.

What NSS stands for?
It's a set of libraries which allow the addition of security measures in applications. Most popularly, NSS allows the browser to use secure connections like SSL, when you're connecting to a site where you need to sign-in or authenticate your identity. NSS also lets the programmer utilize certain hardware accelerators and even interfaces like smart cards and the like. NSS supports a wide range of industry encryption standards that include SSL and MIME.

Activating NSS:
Activating NSS is never so easy it can be only activated by the help of any expert technician. So you can get the assistance to Activate NSS by just giving a call to Livetechcare's certified expert technician 24/7.

Some of the Application that uses NSS is:
AOL® Communicator, AOL® Instant Messenger, Mozilla SeaMonkey, Mozilla Thunderbird®, Mozilla Firefox®, Google Chrome(Linux Version), M Open Office, Pidgin, Evolution and most important Sun's Java Servers.

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  • A team of certified technicians for all network security issues.
  • 24/7 round the year tech support.
  • Assistance to activate NSS.
  • Assistance for each and every software related issues.
  • Help you to sign-in or authenticate your identity on a website.
  • Installations of important software and application which will enhance your system performance.

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