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Live Tech Care is an independent service provider of Remote PC support services. We offer you Online Technical Support for every type of data backup and related problems.

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Data Backup

Data backup and recovery plan are the terms that almost hold the same meaning. Data backup is basically the insurance plan to maintain the data, when you are loaded with many files of which you have to keep record then data backup becomes very important. Live Tech Care is securing your data by its tech support and data backup. Our tech support helps you in recovering your data including your email or important documents in case it is corrupted. When you allow us to give the remote session of your computer our tech support helps you to protect your important data, they guide you how to safeguard your data. Livetechcare provides you services that improves the performance of your system in maintaining the data.

Services offered by LiveTechCare

  • Our technicians are well qualified and highly technical who can help you to secure all your important data.
  • You can contact to our technical team at any time through internet or over the telephone for any support.
  • Your data including images, files, and documents is given a backup by our tech support.
  • Tech support is provided to you at some nominal rates.


We provide the protection against any virus or software errors that may affect your backup data. Livetechcare provide services to your computer that can remove the unwanted files, hence increases the speed of your computer and protection against online threats.

Livetechcare uses different techniques in order to optimize the backup procedure. Many of the users have suffered from data loss due to virus infections and internet problems. So data maintenance is very important both at individual level and at organizational level. Livetechcare uses mediums on which data can be stored as a backup. i.e. Hard disk, Pen drive, CD, DVD, Online Backup and many more.

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