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Live Tech Care is an independent service provider of Remote PC support services. We offer you Online Technical Support for every type of software and related problems.

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A number of computer programs together are called computer software and it also includes the data that guides the computer how to work. Software is one or more programs and data that are stored in a computer for various purposes. There are various software programs like program software's, application software, system software, Test ware, programming tools software's etc. and are used for specific purposes. All the software's work together to give you the output. Different software's should work systematically and should be compatible with one another to avoid errors.

Livetechcare provides you the support in installation of various software programs at nominal rates; our skilled and experienced technicians are available to provide full support to install any software program and make it sure that it would give you best results after installation without errors. You just need to allow us to give the remote control session of your computer via internet.

We provide support to all software's few of them are as under:

  • Canon Camera Software Updates
  • Sony software updates
  • PC Diagnostic Software
  • Downloading and installing the updates for drivers of various hardware devices
  • PC Security Software
  • Software updates
  • PC backup software
  • Microsoft office software updates
  • Blue ray software updates
  • Imaging PC Software
  • Bluetooth Software Updates

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Livetechcare technicians and software engineers are highly qualified and skilled and thus they provide support for all types of softwares, and many more.

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