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"Bad Command" Error

Bad commands are the errors these errors are MS DOS and Windows errors. This is actually an error that is caused by misspelling a command or if you open some invalid command or when you want to install some program that is not present in your computer even the experienced people can make the bad command errors.

  • Check the spelling of each word that you are typing while following any com mand find the mistyped in text autoexec.bat that is causing the problem or you need to configure the system.
  • Choose step wise confirmation in windows start up menu
  • After this you will get the response "Yes" or "No".
  • You need to say yes to each of these commands, unless and until you find the error, and once the error is detected write down the line you said yes to.
  • Edit your autoexec.bat / config.sys, once you get back to Windows. Find the file and try to correct the line.

At last when you get back to windows edit your autoexec.bat / config.sys, try to correct the line once you find the file.

After following the above steps if you are still facing the problem then Livetechcare will support you to remove the issue related to bad commands of your computer. Livetechcare provides you the services that supports you to tackle the bad commands in your computer our skilled and innovative technicians are available 24x7 to support you and handle any query. Livetechcare provides you the services at nominal rates. Livetechcare uses the latest and innovative technology to remove all the issues related to your computers.

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