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Livetechcare offer you support to connect two or more computers in order to share the information and data among them. We provide 24/7 help service to the customers so as to increase time flexibility.

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Wired Network

To connect two or more computers in order to share the information and data among them, then it is useful to go for the wired network connection or we can say wired home network. To setup the wired home network you are required to follow some steps carefully in order to get the advantage of wired home network.

Step1: First you are required to unplug all the computers that you want to connect to the wired home network.

Step2: You need to detach all the devices connected to the computers like monitor, printer, scanner etc.

Step3: You are supposed to plug in now the USB adapters into the USB ports of the computers.

Step4: You need to connect the network cables to the computer adapter and router as well.

Step5: The modem has to be plugged into the WAN port of the router if you are availing broad band internet, In many routers there are numbered ports in the router you need to plug the computer wires to those ports.

Step6: Now you can switch on your computer and connect other devices to it like monitor, printers etc.

Step7: At last when your computer is started your operating system will ask for the network location. After choosing the location, your operating system adds the security, so that your computer works in a secured manner.

Livetechcare is one of the reputed companies in providing best technical support; our experienced and highly skilled technicians are available all the time at your service. We provide best support to individuals as well as to small business organizations. Livetechcare provide you the services at nominal rates.

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Unlimited Support Services for Wired Network

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  • Help to setup you wired network for every time.
  • Secure network against any identity theft and other malicious actions.
  • Time to time assistance for update of software and applications.
  • Very cheap rates for premium and annual subscription.

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