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Connect to Internet Using Router

Here is how a router can be used to connect two computers to the Internet.

Please make sure that both computers have a LAN (or an Ethernet) card allowing the sharing of files and peripherals. Though all new computers and laptops are equipped with such cards, but you may need to purchase and attach LAN cards for older models.

Connect the cable from your ISP (Internet Service Provider) to the Internet port of your router. Please note that if you have an ADSL connection then your input cable would be a telephone line that needs to be inserted into the ADSL port of the router. For all other connections, you would have a thicker cable known as CAT5 (or CAT6) and you need to insert each cable in its right place.

Now you need to take two Ethernet cables and plug them into the Ethernet ports of the router. If you are want to connect two or more computers to the internet then you will require a router with at least two Ethernet ports to share Internet on two computers. Plug the other end of each of the cables into the Ethernet port of the computers. If you have a router with a single Ethernet port, then you can buy a switch or hub and connect the router with it (using the Ethernet cable). In turn, the switch or hub that includes at least two Ethernet ports will have to be connected to the computers.

Now, switch on the router and the computers.

Configure the router settings by referring to its user manual. The configuration process defers depending on the type and brand of every router. Once your router is configured, you should be able to access Internet on both computers.

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Scope of Service for Routers and Internet Problems

  • Tech support to connect to Internet Using Router.
  • Make sure that both computers have a LAN card allowing the sharing of files and peripherals.
  • 24/7 round the year tech support.
  • Help you to connect two or more computers to the internet.
  • Computer repair in a quick session for software related problems.
  • Installations of important software and application which will enhance your system performance.
  • Install some tools to keep your computer free from viruses.

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