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Windows Media Player Problems

There are many problems that may come up with your windows media player. Window media player is an integrated device that can run audio, Video and other multimedia programs. It is widely known as WMP. WMP integrates various important features like DRM, plug-ins and direct updates through the Microsoft Update.

There can be a number of issues with WMP, it can be an internet issues or other issues. You may not be able to access the Windows Media Player when you are offline, these problems can be resolved by following some simple steps carefully. The reason of being internet issues can be incorrect manual feeding of the Internet speed or can be incorrect detection by Windows Media Player. Your Media Player will not be working if there are some direct networking problems in your computer. There might be some Codec Related Issues. Codec is software that can compress and decompress a digital media file, it is used so that less space is taken on the hard disk. When you play video or audio files Windows Media Player uses a codec to decompress the file. If there is no codec found then you will find an error message on the screen that indicates codec file is missing. You can either download the Microsoft codec pack on Internet by simply searching online codec forums. Last but not least reason why Windows Media Player is not working properly can be a virus infection to your computer, and may corrupt the Windows Media Player. So you are recommended to have antivirus protection to avoid such errors.

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