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Live Tech care offers you every type of windows media player support. We provide 24/7 help service to the customers so as to increase time flexibility.

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Windows Media Player

Windows Media Player is developed by Microsoft. Window media player is used to play different videos, audios and viewing images on your computer, laptop or notebook and windows Media Player should runs only on Microsoft windows operating system. Windows Media player rip music from and copy it on compact disk, burn the discs that are recordable in audio CD or in MP3 CD.

There are many advantages of Windows Media player over other players as it has an automatic encoding process, the most important advantage of window movie player is that small devices are supported by Windows Media Player. Windows Media player is already installed in many computers, laptops, notebooks or we can say it is inbuilt, but sometimes you need to install or update it by simply following the instructions shown on it or you can refer to Microsoft websites for window Media Player installation or updates.

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Livetechcare offers you the following services

  • Supports your computer/Laptop/Notebook in installing Window Media Player.
  • Removes all the issues related to functioning of Window Media Player.
  • Supports in smooth functioning of Window Media Player.
  • Supports to the security of your Computer software.
  • Enhaces your computer's speed.
  • Remove hardware and software issues.

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