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Role of Video Cards in Laptops

Video cards also called graphic cards or graphics accelerator card is an important device its function is to generate images to a display. They also offer some added functions like 3D scenes and 2D graphics, video capturing TV output it can be connected to a number of monitors. They are also used in PC games and can support to run even a delicate game. Video cards are sometimes inbuilt on the motherboard it also comes separately and can be connected to computer. When it is inbuilt in mother board it is called Video controller or graphic controller. The function of the video card is that it transfers the videos on the monitor.

Video cards give the better video results, increases the performance of games in your computer. Video cards offer better graphic acceleration. Some video cards have the features to capture videos from camera. Video cards are of great use to graphic designers and 3D animators because of its high resolution and optimum display setting that is useful for their work. Video cards allow you to view television programs on your computer.

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