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Laptop Memory RAM Upgrade

Laptops are generally more restricted in the amount of memory that can be installed into a laptop. Sometimes access to that memory can also be a problem if you plan a future upgrade then you must be getting sure about these few things:

How much is enough?
The rule of thumb that we use for laptops for determining if it has enough memory is to look at the requirements of the software you intend to run. Pick up the boxes for each of the applications and the OS that you intend to run and look at both the minimum and the recommended requirements. Typically you want to have more RAM than the highest minimum and preferably at least as much as the highest listed recommended requirement. The following chart provides a general idea of how a system will run with different amounts of memory:

  • Minimum: 1GB
  • Optimal: 2GB
  • Best: 4GB

Types of Memory
Most new laptops have switched to the faster DDR3 memory specification but there are still quite a few budget based laptops that still use DDR2 memory today. In addition to the type of memory installed in the laptop, the speed of the memory can also make a difference in the performance of the laptop. When comparing laptops, be sure to check for both of these pieces of information to determine how they may impact performance.
There are two ways to designate memory speeds. The first is by the memory type and its clock rating, like DDR3 1066 is the best. The other method is by listing the type along with the bandwidth of the system. In the case the same DDR2 RAM would be listed as PC3-8500 RAM. Below is a listing in order of fastest to slowest memory types in both formats and it will help you to decide about the best for you:

  • DDR3 1600 / PC3-12800
  • DDR3 1333 / PC3-10600
  • DDR3 1066 / PC3-8500
  • DDR2 800 / PC2-6400
  • DDR3 800 / PC3-6400
  • DDR2 667 / PC2-5300 or PC2-5400
  • DDR2 533 / PC2-4200
  • DDR2 400 / PC2-3200

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Scope of Services towards Laptop Memory RAM Upgrade

  • Troubleshooting of your laptop and RAM related problems.
  • Installations of important software and application which will enhance your laptop.
  • 24/7 round the year tech support.
  • Remote PC support to solve your laptop RAM related problems online.
  • Provide instant technical support as far as email related issues are concerned.
  • Easy and direct access to our technical experts.

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