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Live Tech Care also provides you tech support for fixing laptop issues. We provide 24/7 help service to the customers so as to increase time flexibility.

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Fixing Laptop Issues

We are living and working in a cold and cruel world where our laptops take a lot of abuse. In spite of how gentle we try to be, it's predictable that sooner or later our notebooks will get dropped, spilled on and worse. While many people think that notebook damage can be fixed only by the manufacturer or a computer shop, there are some problems that can be economically and easily fixed with some common tools, spare parts and a little effort.

The laptop is very slow -- your laptop needs maintenance and surely there are a lot of things consuming up the RAM when your computer is booting up only because of unwanted programs which tries to load up during start-up because it is there in the "start-up menu" items of your computer. Maybe more than one antivirus is installed/running or else you accidentally installed software which is actually a "rouge-software" which shows itself as protection software instead. The laptop was not defragmented for quite a long time and the hard drive was not checked for bad sectors as well.

Drivers for USB devices and sometimes for the CD/DVD drive is not detected properly -- Cross check the device in another laptop/computer first to confirm if the device is working properly or not and try to remember whether you installed a new software recently after which you started facing the problem. Try uninstalling that software and also try doing a system restore but if that does not help you then you will have to contact our on-line technician for resolving such problems as it requires extensive troubleshooting by an expert.

Your Laptop fails to wake up from hibernation mode -- The best resolution to the problem is to change the power saving configurations in your laptop in such a way so that it uses the stand-by mode instead of the hibernation mode. This mode also saves enough power for you to feel happy. Still for further troubleshooting you will have to consult our technician.

Web pages are being redirected to some other spurious website -- If you see that when you go to the internet then websites are being redirected to suspicious websites then you can rest assured of a virus infection. Go to Start and then click on Run and type "mrt" without any quotes and click on "ok" and call your online technician immediately. The step mentioned above is only a first aid but not a complete therapy to the virus problem.

Various dll errors and unknown popup windows -- Keep your system up to date if you see a yellow shield in the system tray at the bottom right corner of the screen with an exclamation mark on it. Double click on it to update the system files. These are only part of the job which takes care of security holes as well. You should also run the "sfc/scannow" without the quotes from the "run" box which checks the system files of the laptop. However you should still call our online technician if nothing works and you are not satisfied with the laptop's performance.

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