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Laptop Backlight

If your laptop computer backlight starts to go dim, it may be time for a new bulb. Replacing a laptop backlight is a challenging undertaking and you should do it with caution. Complete this delicate task by following these steps.

First, Prepare a clean work area for the laptop backlight replacement. Dust and lint can damage a LCD screen. Don't use any cloth material during the laptop backlight replacement. Unplug the laptop from the power and remove the battery.
Now take a screwdriver and disassemble the laptop. Now remove the LCD screen from the body of the laptop. Detach the metal frame from all around the LCD screen. Unlock the latches from the frame with the small screwdriver. Keep all the parts safe during disassembly. Place the parts in a safe place and put them to the side until it is time to reassemble them.
Remove the bulbs cover from the main frame. Use the small screwdriver to take the bulb slowly out of the bulb housing, Remove the rubber caps from the ends of the laptop's backlight bulb. Use cutter to snip the cables close to the ends of the bulb.
Strip off a couple of millimeters of insulation to easily fasten wire to the conductor of the new bulb. Solder the wire to the new bulb and cut the excess from the new bulb.
Place the rubber caps back on the ends of the laptop replacement backlight bulb and Reassemble the LCD screen back to the metal frame. Reattach the LCD screen to the main body of the laptop. Be sure all parts are fastened back into place. Power up the laptop to test the replacement backlight.

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