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Fix Error 678 or Error 769 while connecting to Internet | Remote Support for Fixing Error 678 or Error 769 while connecting to Internet

Modems are used to connect to the Internet; Modems are connected to the Internet service provider or ISP through phone line. There are various connectivity errors that usually do occur, there may be many reasons that can cause errors like 678 or error 679.
In Error 678: There is no Answer and in Error 679: Cannot Detect Carrier.

The reasons why these problems occur in your computer are given below:

If you dial an incorrect number, this may lead to a problem that the access number that you have been using is now deactivated. to avoid such errors you are recommended to dial the number correctly. Modems like 56K that occupies the phone line while using it, there are chances that the other device connected may be using the same line and you will receive an error when you try to dial a connection. You need to check these errors and confirm it that no other device is using the line. so you should have few or no other devices in use. Make sure that the cable that are in use should not be faulty cables because such kind of cables work for some time and then stop working which can lead to connection failure and lastly if your Internet service provider is not working properly you are supposed to call your ISP and they will resolve the problem.

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Scope of Services towards Fixing Internet Errors

  • Troubleshooting of your internet related problems.
  • Installations of important software and application which will enhance your internet performance.
  • 24/7 round the year tech support.
  • Remote PC support to solve your internet errors problems online.
  • Provide instant technical support as far as email related issues are concerned.
  • Easy and direct access to our technical experts.

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