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Live Tech Care also provides tech support for best PC repair software. We provide 24/7 help service to the customers so as to increase time flexibility.

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Computer Printer Repair

Live Tech Care can help resolve problems that you may have with your computer printer. Our technician will troubleshoot and identify issues with printer, connecting printers or scanners and protecting your files.

From printer driver installations to printer repairs, Livetechcare offers Printer Support.
From regular printer maintenence to setting up a printer on network for the entire staff to utilize, we can take care of all your printer support needs.
It gets even better. If your printer is having problems but is still online and connected to a network, we can remote in with our Remote Technical Support Tool and diagnose the problem in a matter of minutes. Our technician wouldn't even show up on-site. How's that for efficiency!

Services we are offering:

  • Printer Driver Installation and Upgrades
  • Networking Printer Configuration and Support
  • VPN and Remote Printing Connections
  • Printer Supplies and Maintenance Kits
  • Printer Repair and Cleaning

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Scope of Livetechcare Service

  • Printer Repair and Cleaning.
  • Printer Driver Installation and Upgrades.
  • Networking Printer Configuration and Support.
  • VPN and Remote Printing Connections.
  • Printer Supplies and Maintenance Kits.
  • Assistance for each and every software related issues.

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24x7 Instant access to our technical support team at anytime.

Our technicians and software engineers are very skilled and qualified and thus they provide 100% satisfaction to the customers towards best computer printer repair.

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